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continuing education

Grace was doing her Google drive math homework  when she asked for some help…

Write an expression to show the following:

“If there are 100 bacteria in a petri dish, and they multiply doubling every hour, how many bacteria will there be after 7 hours?”
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Happy Birthday Grandma!

Hope you had a fantastic day Grandma Louise!


Joined by a dozen friends, Isabel celebrated her birthday with a cupcake decorating party.

Happy 10th Birthday Isabel!

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move up meet

Starting with a 7.6 on vault, Grace had to play catch up to get a move up score of 31. A solid beam, bar and floor exercises gave her a 33.1. Moving up to level 5 she is.




Sun + snow = Spring in Duluth.

dog bed

Everyone seems to like Samson’s new dog bed.

movie night

When I suggested movie night, this wasn’t what I had in mind…


Got a new dishwasher.

cat in the hat

Book character day at school last week.


While I got some exercise, Isabel whipped up some cornbread to go with the chili I made for dinner. The brown sugar topping she used was kinda the bomb.

dog sitting

Briggs, a Golden-Doddle is spending her spring break with the boyz. Samson loves his fluffy little playmate. Clarke on the other hand is probably growling on about how good he had it, “back in the day when I was an only dog.”


For every minute of piano practice, I spend two getting her there.  “Maybe if we moved the piano out of the basement, she’d have more fun playing,” we thought…  We not only moved it, thanks to, we upgraded to this beauty.  It’s nearly as old as I, but a recent overhaul has it looking and sounding absolutely amazing.


It’s Friday night, Mom’s running Isabel from volleyball to piano to volleyball (don’t ask), and Grace is home with nowhere to be and nothing to do. Unlike her Dad, who’s eating chips in front of a mindless good cop, bad cop movie, she’s catching up on practice minutes from Wednesday night when she presented her second place science fair project.

Should have opted for a documentary… Guilty


I was invited into the gym tonight for a quick demo. Was impressed.


Grace’s corn row braids lasted for nearly two weeks, but it took these two nearly an hour to remove em’. Tangled she was.


Don’t want to forget this one :-)

más fotos mexico

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He’s still here, an inch taller, 10 pounds heavier and becoming a serious counter top surfer.


Happy Birthday Grace!

a year in pictures ~ 2014

Happy New Year!



We’re home, it’s snowing, laundries piled up, but hair is still braided, our skin glows of summer sun and warm smiles linger. Can’t wait to do it again.

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gracias a los abuelos

What could be better than spending your holiday on a sunny beach in Mexico? Sharing it with cousins Ethan, Lydia, Maria! Thanks to some wonderfully generous Grandparents, that’s exactly what we did.

“gracias a los abuelos” = thank you Grandma and Grandpa (I think…)

lots more to come!


Dog week continues… via a friend of a friend we met Samson, who as it turns out needed a new home.  We found out on Friday, he moved in on Saturday and now Clarke’s considering legal action.  The rest of us kind of like the big fella.  He’s 6 months old, towers over Clarke and will likely grow another 4 inches and 50 pounds before he’s through.  A Great Dane he is, but whether he’ll  stay for good remains to be seen.

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