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footprints in the snow

Isabel’s piano Festival was on Saturday. Thankfully the stomping in the snow softened to gentle footprints and was awarded a “Superior” rating (top honors).  It’s easily my favorite piano piece she’s done. Beautiful work Isabel!

state science fair bound

A multitasking study involving a memory game and sending text messages earned Grace 1st place at the regional science fair, and a trip to the state science fair in Minneapolis. Fantastic work Grace!  

stomping in the snow

Isabel’s been preparing for the MFMC festival which is next weekend. She’s to play a beautiful piece of music called “Footprints in the Snow” by Jennifer Linn.  Problem is with just a week left to prepare, I’m now calling it “Stomping in the Snow” by Huffbreath Hissyfit.  😉
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60 second portrait


cold science

a chilly -18°F this morning. Perfect weather for a little cold science…
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noticed a theme in the last couple posts… thought I’d complete the trio.


-18°F (-28°C) at the bus stop the other morning… cold it was.

art table


NYE ~ BDparty

Happy 13th Grace!

another year in pictures


cold ~ sort of

25°F today, a little windy, but for Angela, brutally cold.

the motley crew

Christmas at the Morey’s.

more please

Finally, some winter weather.

another dud

This was the first concept. The scale of things didn’t work out the way I wanted and the dogs were a nightmare to get sitting by the fire.

I’ve got another idea in the works – fingers crossed.

b roll

The Christmas card remains a work in progress… While it may  turn into a New Years card, I though I’d share one that didn’t make the cut.

thank you

Much to be thankful for today… Grandparents that drive half way across the state for Isabel’s piano recital. A piano teacher who takes great pride in her students, and a smart kid who makes learning piano look easy.

Thank You!

and great job Isabel ~ ribbon/certificate was for earning top honors on the Minnesota Music Teachers Assoc. piano exam.

high distinction

Isabel passed her piano exam last weekend with “high distinction”, scoring 90/99. In addition to sight-reading and scales, she prepared three pieces to play, one of which was “The Prowling Pussy Cat”.

Great job Isabel!


I’ve taken this photo before, but when the girls brought home a Chihuahua for a weekend of dog sitting, I felt a re-run was in order. For safety’s sake, I photoshopped in the wee one as we worried Samson might step on “Pepper” 😐


Grace has lived on smoothies, apple sauce and acetaminophen since her brace installation. Ouch!

happy halloween

kid free

No kids, just me, my photo buddy Sparky,  and the wildlife of Theodore Roosevelt National Park.
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prowling pussy cat

Isabel’s new piano piece, the “Prowling Pussy Cat”, arrives just time for Halloween.


Trying to stay strong while her back recovers from minor gymnastics injury.

who’s at the door?

Peripheral vision is exceeding good at identifying movement. Which becomes exceeding annoying when you keep thinking someone’s at the door.

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