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anything a canvas

SCUBA tanks were re-certified the other day… To Isabel the blue was an ocean in need of some fish.

flip flop

the diving board made for lots of flips, and a few flops this weekend ~ Special thanks for Roger and Faye for joining the fun.

circle of death

Captain Sam called it the circle of death… It’s sort of like NASCAR, you make a bunch of left hand turns, someone crashes and everyone screams for more 😉


Photoshopped for sure, but this looks like how it feels when he showers you with 40 deg Lake Superior water.

ps ~ concept credit goes to my niece, Lydia.


at least for a weeks worth of gymnastics camp ~ special thanks to the Hamline graduates who donated the sweatshirts 🙂



chester bowl

Caught the Brothers playing the Chest Bowl concert series tonight.  Sun and 70° made for a perfect night in the park.


Grace is at gymnastics camp until Friday but flight 4132 for Palma Mallorca departs on Thursday…  the goodbyes begin.  😢

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gym camp

These two gymnastic superheroes have a week of twice a day gymnastic workouts and bunking in the Hamline dorm rooms. Which for them, is about as good as it gets. Have a great time girls!

dad’s day

For Father’s day, Isabel made me hamburgers… A vanilla cupcake bun, fudge brownie burger, frosting ketchup, mustard and green food coloring coconut lettuce. Yum!

camp ready

Gymnastics camp beings on Sunday. Grace and cousin Maria are making it a second annual for the Hamline University camp.


First day of summer and Isabel’s already trying to make some money. She wants to sell lemonade, I think she should sell signs.

poetry slam

Isabel’s 5th grade class kicked off the 
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last light

pushing pool time until last light


At tonight’s Honor’s Banquet, Grace was named an Edison Scholar for her perfect 4.0 GPA.

v ball

Getting better all the time.

move up meet

Grace worked hard to come back from a season on the sidelines due to a back injury. Tonight it paid off with some solid scores, and a nod from her coaches to move up to level 6.


Congratulation Grace!

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to have a family that lets me travel.

that we only broke a headlight when we hit a deer on the drive out.

to have a friend to share Yellowstone with, year after year.

Lucky I am.

false alarm



Isabel’s been at a friend’s house all week, so just Grace, Angela and I for the Baptism River high falls hike.

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thankfully Molly and the boyz joined us at the Science Museum. Had they not, Molly wouldn’t have pointed out this photo for me. Grandma and Grandpa learning about the ancient people of Peru… Ahhh

sci sunday

Leaning about color and the wavelength of light at the Science Museum of Minnesota.

slow grace

Two ready for the bus, one still organizing her lunch box.

happy birthday Isabel


an only

Isabel putting in some piano time on her last night as an only child. Grace and Angela fly back from their California Cousins place tomorrow night.

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