It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

and yes, Isabel has antlers.


Isabel bringing down the Christmas tree.

heavy snow

Heavy snow slowed the school bus, but made great snowballs.

some mornings

some mornings are like that...

madeline island

Had a Superior Hiking Trail hike/camp planned out for this weekend, but a bunch of armed men in orange scared us off.  Ended up in Wisconsin where deer opener doesn't happen for another week. Rode the ferry out to Madeline Island with our bikes and make the 6 mile ride to Big Bay State Park and camped for the night. A little chilly, but we literally had the place to ourselves.

great white

I've talked about photographing polar bears with my photo buddy Sparky, and my father in-law Loren on multiple occasions.  Due to logistics and expense it was a pipe dream type trip I assumed would remain as such until I tracked down that winning lotto ticket. Well, in early 2012, Loren says to me, "you set up a trip, and I take care of the rest". So I did, and he did...

We flew out of Winnipeg for Churchill, Manitoba four years ago this week.  Those were pre website days, and while I shared the photos in a book with Loren and others, I've never shared them online. The photos were taken over 4 short but amazing days with the great white bears of Hudson Bay.

spirit week

It's spirit week at Ordean Middle School. Today was dress up as your favorite state day...  Can you guess?

ps. other than changing a razor blade out, I played no part in construction.

daylight savings

A Native American's take on the issue:

"Only the government would believe that you could cut a foot of the top of a blanket, sew it to the bottom, and have a longer blanket."

I agree, but make sure you vote for someone on Tuesday.


soups on

Other than the onion I diced, Isabel handled tonight's dinner of turkey kale soup.  I'm generally kale phobic but this stuff was almost as good as the sunset.


halloween style

Isabel styled to match her 50's poodle dress and leather jacket.

too cool

for school


Been working on a website re-fresh, and with Isabel's graphic design help, I also got a new logo!

Start you tour of the new site Here

dog bed

Looks as if we need a bigger dog bed...


Underdogs, laughs and perfect fall weather, but no Photoshop on this one.

first day

Grace is still  in bed, and the bus doesn't come for over an hour... but someone's excited for her first day of school.


Middle school starts on Tuesday and Isabel is EXCITED.  There's a reminder chart in the mud room,  it's got magnetic tape above and below the fold. Fold up each item up as you pack it and never forget anything for school ~ pretty clever.  Then there's the locker... She's spent hours planning and making thinks to decorate it with. We stopped her when she asked for wallpaper.

slim lake

This year our annual adventure beyond the cell towers and constraints of our every day, brought us to Slim Lake.  Joined by Grace's friend Geneva and her mom Carol, we spent five mosquito free days (seriously!) in the BWCA.

Perfect it was (except for my poison ivy legs that is  :cry: )

not fair

Two schools this year. Isabel doesn't start until after Labor Day,  but Grace on the other was mumbling something about "not fair" on her way to the bus.

happy birthday!

Not till, Thursday, but our canoe sets off in the BWCA tomorrow so we celebrated tonight...  As you can see, Isabel spent the afternoon in the kitchen.

~She stuck toothpicks in a foam ball set in a glass cup, then stuck the cupcakes on the toothpicks and added some plastic flowers.


The house boating video rolls by pretty quickly ~ so I thought I'd post the stills, and some B-roll that didn't make the cut.

double up

Grace had a teammate in the boat tonight.

making house boating great again

Just back from 5 days aboard a 54 foot houseboat in Voyageurs National Park.  While things on "Our Boat" mostly worked, it looked like a 1970's costume party, and had some post party GI issues that made us thankful for a breeze.  Despite that, sunny weather and warm water more than made up for our smelly party guest.

If house boating were an Olympic sport, our team would be wearing gold!

Go World!


Thanks to an extremely generous brother-in-law, we have a really big fishing boat for a couple of weeks.  The boat is something like 22 feet long, but under that big bridge and atop some unexpectedly large waves,  we felt a bit like minnows on an inland sea.

Thanks Mark!

anything a canvas

SCUBA tanks were re-certified the other day... To Isabel the blue was an ocean in need of some fish.

flip flop

the diving board made for lots of flips, and a few flops this weekend ~ Special thanks for Roger and Faye for joining the fun.