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high distinction

Isabel passed her piano exam last weekend with “high distinction”, scoring 90/99. In addition to sight-reading and scales, she prepared three pieces to play, one of which was “The Prowling Pussy Cat”.

Great job Isabel!


I’ve taken this photo before, but when the girls brought home a Chihuahua for a weekend of dog sitting, I felt a re-run was in order. For safety’s sake, I photoshopped in the wee one as we worried Samson might step on “Pepper” 😐


Grace has lived on smoothies, apple sauce and acetaminophen since her brace installation. Ouch!

happy halloween

kid free

No kids, just me, my photo buddy Sparky, and the wildlife of Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

prowling pussy cat

Isabel’s new piano piece, the “Prowling Pussy Cat”, arrives just time for Halloween.


Trying to stay strong while her back recovers from minor gymnastics injury.

who’s at the door?

Peripheral vision is exceeding good at identifying movement. Which becomes exceeding annoying when you keep thinking someone’s at the door.

5 star

Good food, excellent service and cute servers.

MEA rocks

We kicked off MEA weekend just north of Two Harbors by climbing Silver Cliff. Isabel’s friend Claire turned out to be the billy-goat of the bunch, but everyone seemed to enjoy being out. Weather was largely cooperative, but a few passing showers had the girls running for cover. Grace gets photo credits for the two climbing photos :-)

more homework


fast food

ps. Isabel was at a friend’s house.

math homework

True story. Isabel’s playing Pizza Math, an app for the iPad that puts you in charge of a pizzeria. Figuring out pricing, which vendors have the best prices on supplies and

despicable me

Homecoming week continues with movie character day.

princess Ange”Leia”

Thanks to Luke, Han and Chewie, Angela escaped the Imperial Army just in time for Sci-fi day and East High School’s homecoming week.

BWCA photos

All included in the video, but I really like some of these ~ so posting again

swimming the BWCA

A long paddle, and soggy nights made for adventure, but perfect days, stunning scenery and the near absence of bugs made for lots of BWCA fun.

one week

It been just a week, but Angela’s snuggling right in.

first day

first day of 5th and 7th grade!


First day of school. Grace is stressed, worried and not so smiley. Isabel had her clothes hanging out the night before, bounced out of bed, and was waiting on everyone else to head for the bus stop.

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