christmas camp cake

Christmas Cakies ~ chocolate cake sandwiched between two chocolate chip peppermint pattie center cookies

Santa's Mug Cake ~ Alternating layers of 7 minute frosting and chocolate cake.

Reindeer Food ~ Twix bars, chocolate chip cookies, candy canes all chopped and held together by melted chocolate.

and lottsa SPRINKLES!


new construction

New on the market is this stunning single ginger bread family home. Built with attention to every sprinkle and story book style, Isabel and her friend Claire are sure it won't last long.


Isabel navigating the morning kitchen traffic.


" she told me to just learn the melody, but I wanna make up some chords to go with it".  So she did...


Grace shot this with her iPhone during the LANY show at First Ave.  Like some other things in life, photographic skill appears to have a genetic component.

game set match

or maybe that's tennis, in any case, season finale tonight.

face paint

Isabel working the facing painting booth at the Halloween block party.


A tie blanket and a fall banner.

warmin' up

Pre-game serving chaos.


she got a bit excited with their win over Moose Lake tonight...


Isabel had some big digs tonight, but it wasn't enough to get past the Esko team.


Isabel's in charge of face painting at the neighborhood Halloween party.  She was going to practice tonight, but looks like her friend Claire got to go first.


Isabel looking a bit smug after their win against Proctor...



The Ordean Huskies played the Proctor Rails in the season opener.  As you can see it was an exciting game.


ps.  I wasn't happy with any one photo... so if it looks like there's two Isabels, it because there is :-)

movie night

Mom's in Minneapolis rockin' with Bono and friends. Grace is footballing and shakin' a leg at the post game dance... high schooler ya know.  So Isabel, her friend Claire and I decided to go big for movie night.

back to reality

the last one was the "Facebook post".  Here's the real story on back to school...

back to school

Summer's out, and school's in for the 7th grader and high school freshman.

Have great day girlz!

happy birthday

Two layers of cookie dough, a chocolate cake, separated by layers of frosting made for nearly 10 pounds of birthday love.

Happy Birthday Shari !



motley resort

Spent the weekend at the Motley resort. Good food, fun family, and lots of time in and on the water.

water skier

Thanks to a cool skiing attachment on Jeremy's new boat, Isabel is now a water skier!

10 mile

Thanks to Jeremy and Sibby, we spent a fantastic weekend at the 10 Mile cabin.  It's a post-card like place near Leech Lake with big pines. clear waters, a sandy beach and a spacious, yet classic looking Northwoods cabin.  The weather was near perfect, the kids mostly sunny, and as forecasted, a 100% fun.

camp cake

Isabel went to Camp Cake today, a day long live video stream with Yolanda of "How to Cake it".  It's a YouTube channel of baking videos and fancy decorations.  She loves this stuff and has watch more episodes than there are sprinkles on her cupcakes.  Anyway, today she and a few hundred others spent from 10'til nearly 5 with Yolanda via live video stream making taco cakes and sundae cupcakes.

Believe it or not, they tasted even better than they look.


horse camp

"bout time for Isabel to saddle up for a week of Yee-Haws, Yippees and Giddy ups.

Have a boot stompin' time Isabel!

roooad trip

The video moves along pretty fast - here's a slowed down slide show of just the photos.

road trip

The summer road trip was epic. We kick it off with Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals at the Minnesota Zoo, and shared a late breakfast with Grandma/pa the next morning. Arriving just before the sun we met George, Thomas, Theodore & Abraham at Mount Rushmore and later explored Custer State Park and the Needles Highway.  The next day armed with what amounted to a candle in a bucket,  we descended 200' below the South Dakota prairie and hiked a couple miles of the seemingly endless Wind Cave. It was amazing down there but despite my pleading, they didn't allow cameras :-(

After climbing our way out the of cave we made the drive to Estes Park, the doorstep to Rocky Mountain National Park. There we met Emily, Doug, Gabe and Eli for the highlight of our trip, a 4 day backpack through the majestic high country of the Rockies.

All in all 11 adventurous days that will long be remembered.