and works hard in school. :-)


Made the drive to Kenosha, Wisconsin for the last gymnastics meet of the season.  The drive was smooth, Grace's bar routine bumpy, but a 9.3/10 on floor made it well worth the trip.

The 450 mile drive was easy, but getting to regionals a ton of work...  Proud of that girl.


Our week in Little Cayman was absolutely fantastic.  Sharing it with some of our favorite people elevated it to possibly the #1 vacation of all time.  Thanks for diving in John, Carrie, Caroline and John Henry.

Given the epic nature of last week, packing all the memories into a little video was a bit difficult.  Thanks to an awesome soundtrack from the Cayman Tourism Office and some ruthless editing, I managed.  The track is called "Caymankind", and was a community project to highlight their welcoming culture and  friendly nature.  It's perfect.



this one sums up our week in Cayman ~ about perfect

point of sand

From left to right ~ Grace, Caroline and John Henry on the dock at Point of Sand Beach.

island time

Life on Little Cayman moves slowly... there's no traffic,  no stop lights, or stop signs for that matter.  No malls, water parks or mini golf.  With just 150 residents, three resorts and one gas station, Little Cayman isn't little, it's tiny.  The reef that surrounds it however is bustling with life and arguably the finest in all the Caribbean.  Coral canyons and sand chutes lead you through pristine blue water before plunging 6000'  into the Cayman Trench.

We shared the sea with our friends, John, Carrie, John Henry and Caroline, and after leading the "life aquatic" for a full week, we were all a bit sad to leave.

lots more to come...




Competing in the big auditorium at the Minneapolis Convention Center, Grace earned an invite to the Regional Meet in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Congratulations Grace!

hurry up

and wait for your sister...

state bound

There was lots of hard work and dedication on display today. While not her best meet, Grace's  season was successful enough to be invited to the state gymnastics meet in a couple of weeks.

50 back

In the last meet of the season, Isabel sets up for what turned out to be a PR in the 50 back.


Swimming the 50 free, 50 back, 50 fly and in a 400m relay, Isabel is one tired, and hungry girl tonight.



eyes are a window...

into the soul, and I see fire.  Oh the places she'll go.


Tried to get a nice photo of Isabel in our new snow... but a big black dog pulled a bigly photo bomb.


Grace building speed for her vault at the meet in St. Cloud last night.


Don't remember what happened on this play, but it looks like she's having fun.


Inspired by the wet snow, I decided to build something today... It took three flashes, two light stands, a couple of cooperative kids, a tripod, and some heavy Photoshop work to stitch together 29 different photos.

happy birthday Angela! (take 2)

Sending Birthday Love from Minnesota!

ps.  the music isn't Happy Birthday, but there's no other song that reminds me more of Angela. ♥

Autoplay is disabled on mobile, so if you're on your phone:


Grace is painting her room this weekend, and other than helping with some disassembly, It's been a largely a DIY project.  DIY being very different than the typical DID (do it Dad) project.


Mid 30's today.


Isabel will be participating in the National Federation of Music Clubs "festival" tomorrow.  She'll play two pieces of music for a panel of judges, and with a little luck,  she'll earn another "superior" rating.

Good Luck Isabel!


In her first ever swim meet, Isabel led off the 200 medley relay with the backstroke, and later in the night the 100m free.  (that's her in lane 8).


Taking 1st place on beam with a 9.5/10,  1st on bars and second on vault and the all around, Grace had a very. very good day.


Spent the day in St. Paul at Concordia for the Winter Challenge Gymnastics meet. The challenge here however is figuring which one is Grace....

trick question - they're all Grace



gopher invite

Other than the recent mini meet, the Gopher Invite at the National Sports Center in Blaine was Grace's first meet is almost two years.  She had a solid meet thanks to a cheering section which included an auntie, an uncle, cousins Ben & Joe, Grandma, Grandpa and even my auntie Lois.  Thanks for coming everyone!


The Gymnastics Academy just hired a new coach!  Her name is Grace, and she'll be training the minds and muscles of tomorrow's competitive gymnasts.  Congratulation's on your first job!

seriously ~ can't believe I just wrote that :-|