gopher invite

Other than the recent mini meet, the Gopher Invite at the National Sports Center in Blaine was Grace's first meet is almost two years.  She had a solid meet thanks to a cheering section which included an auntie, an uncle, cousins Ben & Joe, Grandma, Grandpa and even my auntie Lois.  Thanks for coming everyone!


The Gymnastics Academy just hired a new coach!  Her name is Grace, and she'll be training the minds and muscles of tomorrow's competitive gymnasts.  Congratulation's on your first job!

seriously ~ can't believe I just wrote that :-|


Isabel trying to hide from a wicked -32°F windchill.

happy birthday

Happy 14th Birthday Grace!


No matter what I was watching, I think this would give me a headache...


Grace got an early Christmas present. She got her smile back.

why wouldn't

Why wouldn't you wear reindeer antlers to school... It's almost Christmas ya know.


crafting some custom cards

stress ball

Grace was working on some homework when she called for the voice activated stress ball of fur.   They're scientifically proven to lower stress levels and fill vacuum cleaner bags.


mini meet

Competing just against her 20 or so teammates in tonight's mini meet, Grace came away with top honors. With 9s on beam and floor, high 8s on bar and vault, she not only won the night, she took home two of just three 9s awarded.

Afterwards,  she was pretty much glowing.

it's beginning

it's beginning to sound a lot like Christmas!

it's beginning

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


Meh, was Isabel's response to my Christmas card effort.  Sort of agree...

12 years of Christmas

well almost. Just 11 starting back in 2004.

Merry Christmas!


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

and yes, Isabel has antlers.


Isabel bringing down the Christmas tree.

heavy snow

Heavy snow slowed the school bus, but made great snowballs.

some mornings

some mornings are like that...

madeline island

Had a Superior Hiking Trail hike/camp planned out for this weekend, but a bunch of armed men in orange scared us off.  Ended up in Wisconsin where deer opener doesn't happen for another week. Rode the ferry out to Madeline Island with our bikes and make the 6 mile ride to Big Bay State Park and camped for the night. A little chilly, but we literally had the place to ourselves.

great white

I've talked about photographing polar bears with my photo buddy Sparky, and my father in-law Loren on multiple occasions.  Due to logistics and expense it was a pipe dream type trip I assumed would remain as such until I tracked down that winning lotto ticket. Well, in early 2012, Loren says to me, "you set up a trip, and I take care of the rest". So I did, and he did...

We flew out of Winnipeg for Churchill, Manitoba four years ago this week.  Those were pre website days, and while I shared the photos in a book with Loren and others, I've never shared them online. The photos were taken over 4 short but amazing days with the great white bears of Hudson Bay.

spirit week

It's spirit week at Ordean Middle School. Today was dress up as your favorite state day...  Can you guess?

ps. other than changing a razor blade out, I played no part in construction.

daylight savings

A Native American's take on the issue:

"Only the government would believe that you could cut a foot of the top of a blanket, sew it to the bottom, and have a longer blanket."

I agree, but make sure you vote for someone on Tuesday.


soups on

Other than the onion I diced, Isabel handled tonight's dinner of turkey kale soup.  I'm generally kale phobic but this stuff was almost as good as the sunset.