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state science fair bound

A multitasking study involving a memory game and sending text messages earned Grace 1st place at the regional science fair, and a trip to the state science fair in Minneapolis. Fantastic work Grace!  

stomping in the snow

Isabel’s been preparing for the MFMC festival which is next weekend. She’s to play a beautiful piece of music called “Footprints in the Snow” by Jennifer Linn.  Problem is with just a week left to prepare, I’m now calling it “Stomping in the Snow” by Huffbreath Hissyfit.  😉


noticed a theme in the last couple posts… thought I’d complete the trio.


-18°F (-28°C) at the bus stop the other morning… cold it was.

art table


more please

Finally, some winter weather.


Grace has lived on smoothies, apple sauce and acetaminophen since her brace installation. Ouch!

prowling pussy cat

Isabel’s new piano piece, the “Prowling Pussy Cat”, arrives just time for Halloween.


Trying to stay strong while her back recovers from minor gymnastics injury.

who’s at the door?

Peripheral vision is exceeding good at identifying movement. Which becomes exceeding annoying when you keep thinking someone’s at the door.

5 star

Good food, excellent service and cute servers.

more homework


one week

It been just a week, but Angela’s snuggling right in.


First day of school. Grace is stressed, worried and not so smiley. Isabel had her clothes hanging out the night before, bounced out of bed, and was waiting on everyone else to head for the bus stop.


A busy weekend it was… Thursday night Angela, our foreign exchange student from Majorca, Spain arrived.


in training.


Grace took one for the team tonight. Mr. I chased a skunk and got sprayed is getting the peroxide, baking soda, dish soap concoction rinsed from his foul fur. Smells like Clarke will be sleeping in the garage tonight, and tomorrow…. and Saturday, and….

over the hill and through the woods

to Grandma’s house we went.


No camera tricks here ~ hand over hand up, and holds the pike for a good 5-10sec.


Wandered about the Minnesota zoo on Sunday… Saw lions, tigers and Isabel snuggled Poo Bear.  Afterwards we walked over to the Weesner Family Amphitheater and saw the John Butler Trio where we got Tigger’s bounce back.


The big fella is anything but tough, so I figured he just had the doggy sniffles or something. Turns out a tick related fever has him feeling pretty blue ~ woof.


Sparkly and surprisingly difficult to remove… Went to work with a glittery peace sign on my arm 😐

photo bomb

Canadian wildfires left an odd haze in the sky behind the girls and Jack’s Beckham worthy catch.


$20 in gas station fireworks = priceless 4th fun with cousin Jack.

piano camp ~ update

It’s the last day of piano camp, and Isabel tells me that they’ll be doing a 5 student piano ensemble.  Sounds fun.

update:  Isabel’s piano teacher Emily thoughtfully placed a link to a video of the ensemble in the comments below.   Also, here’s a link to Emily playing a fun piece called “All of Me” by Jon Schmidt.

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