face paint

Isabel working the facing painting booth at the Halloween block party.


A tie blanket and a fall banner.


Isabel's in charge of face painting at the neighborhood Halloween party.  She was going to practice tonight, but looks like her friend Claire got to go first.

movie night

Mom's in Minneapolis rockin' with Bono and friends. Grace is footballing and shakin' a leg at the post game dance... high schooler ya know.  So Isabel, her friend Claire and I decided to go big for movie night.

back to reality

the last one was the "Facebook post".  Here's the real story on back to school...

happy birthday

Two layers of cookie dough, a chocolate cake, separated by layers of frosting made for nearly 10 pounds of birthday love.

Happy Birthday Shari !



motley resort

Spent the weekend at the Motley resort. Good food, fun family, and lots of time in and on the water.

camp cake

Isabel went to Camp Cake today, a day long live video stream with Yolanda of "How to Cake it".  It's a YouTube channel of baking videos and fancy decorations.  She loves this stuff and has watch more episodes than there are sprinkles on her cupcakes.  Anyway, today she and a few hundred others spent from 10'til nearly 5 with Yolanda via live video stream making taco cakes and sundae cupcakes.

Believe it or not, they tasted even better than they look.



While Grace rides the roller coasters of Valley fair, Isabel looks delighted with her math homework.

hard work

This one's from 2011... Grace laying the ground work that would earn her a top spot at tonight's Honor's Banquet. She's among a handful of kids to graduate from middle school settling for nothing less than straight A's.

Smart she is, but it's her hard work that makes me smile the brightest.




point of sand

From left to right ~ Grace, Caroline and John Henry on the dock at Point of Sand Beach.

hurry up

and wait for your sister...


Grace is painting her room this weekend, and other than helping with some disassembly, It's been a largely a DIY project.  DIY being very different than the typical DID (do it Dad) project.


Isabel trying to hide from a wicked -32°F windchill.

happy birthday

Happy 14th Birthday Grace!


No matter what I was watching, I think this would give me a headache...

why wouldn't

Why wouldn't you wear reindeer antlers to school... It's almost Christmas ya know.


crafting some custom cards

stress ball

Grace was working on some homework when she called for the voice activated stress ball of fur.   They're scientifically proven to lower stress levels and fill vacuum cleaner bags.


it's beginning

it's beginning to sound a lot like Christmas!


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

and yes, Isabel has antlers.


Isabel bringing down the Christmas tree.

some mornings

some mornings are like that...

madeline island

Had a Superior Hiking Trail hike/camp planned out for this weekend, but a bunch of armed men in orange scared us off.  Ended up in Wisconsin where deer opener doesn't happen for another week. Rode the ferry out to Madeline Island with our bikes and make the 6 mile ride to Big Bay State Park and camped for the night. A little chilly, but we literally had the place to ourselves.