happy birthday Angela

sending warmth and love from Minnesnowda.


Grace got some hair highlight, coloring or something installed... you'll have to ask her.

under construction

Construction work began on Isabel's smile today.  Our contractor suggested work would be complete in early 2019.


happy birthday

started her 15th year sharing good food with great friends.

Happy Birthday Grace!


sub-zero again today.

back to school

Summer's out, and school's in for the 7th grader and high school freshman.

Have great day girlz!

gym camp

It's Hamline University gym camp week, and for these girls, two a day practices, 5 days a week covered in chalk, with hands ripped and taped is possibly the best thing ever.  Living in a college dorm with your two best friends is just icing on the cake.

Have a great week girls!


there she goes...

off to her last day of middle school.  Graduation tonight, class trip to Valley Fair tomorrow, she's excited, I'm smiling on the outside.

Where does it go...


At the Honors Banquet tonight, just 5 kids held a perfect 4.0 for all three middle school years... Proud to call one of them my daughter.



and works hard in school. :-)


this one sums up our week in Cayman ~ about perfect

eyes are a window...

into the soul, and I see fire.  Oh the places she'll go.


Tried to get a nice photo of Isabel in our new snow... but a big black dog pulled a bigly photo bomb.


Inspired by the wet snow, I decided to build something today... It took three flashes, two light stands, a couple of cooperative kids, a tripod, and some heavy Photoshop work to stitch together 29 different photos.


Mid 30's today.


Grace got an early Christmas present. She got her smile back.

it's beginning

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

heavy snow

Heavy snow slowed the school bus, but made great snowballs.

spirit week

It's spirit week at Ordean Middle School. Today was dress up as your favorite state day...  Can you guess?

ps. other than changing a razor blade out, I played no part in construction.

too cool

for school


Underdogs, laughs and perfect fall weather, but no Photoshop on this one.

anything a canvas

SCUBA tanks were re-certified the other day... To Isabel the blue was an ocean in need of some fish.


at least for a weeks worth of gymnastics camp ~ special thanks to the Hamline graduates who donated the sweatshirts :-)

chester bowl

Caught the Brothers playing the Chest Bowl concert series tonight.  Sun and 70° made for a perfect night in the park.


Grace is at gymnastics camp until Friday but flight 4132 for Palma Mallorca departs on Thursday...  the goodbyes begin.  ?