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This was my answer to “what can I do?”. When I start sanding I’ll probably reconsider the wisdom of having Isabel help with drywall prep.

music in the park

Here’s another reason why Duluth was voted Outside magazine’s best outdoors town.  Chester Park’s weekly, and free summer concert series.  With sun and 70 degrees we took in local legend Charlie Parr playing at the base of Chester ski hill and it’s towering old school ski jump.

Isabel brought a friend, they listened briefly, but spent most of their time scaling the ski slope.

wind chill

The second of Duluth’s two seasons is upon us… Mosquito season. Hoping that a bit of wind would help keep the pests at bay, I installed a ceiling fan on the deck. While it does work, you need a lot of fleece to deal with the wind chill.

finals week

Isabel passed out cramming for finals week… that is if you call a field trip to the YMCA and Fort Folle Avoine Historical Park a final.


Isabel prefers a slow cooked, gently browned marshmallow that someone else has tended to perfection… Unlike her marshmallows however, the weekend sun left Isabel’s shoulders anything but nicely brown. Ouch!


Grace likes ‘em crispy.

yellowstone & teddy roosevelt NP

Spent last week in Yellowstone NP with my photo buddy Sparky. We left last Sunday late afternoon, driving through the night arriving in Yellowstone early Monday morning.  We chased bears, birds and bison until Thursday afternoon when we headed
for Teddy Roosevelt NP.  After a night in Teddy we drove the wildlife loop
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Despite the sunny weather a sore throat had Isabel feeling gloomy today.

happy mothers day

With lotsa frosting and even more Love.

cake boss

Isabel trying to prove that the countless episodes of “Cake Boss” she’s watched, haven’t been a total waste of time.

handstand shenanigans

Grace demos the new and improved gymnastic bar. The metal brackets to the old one were actually torn in half in some particularly windy weather.

“shenanigans” = secret or dishonest pixel maneuvering or manipulation.

tuning fork

It’s a school day, your alarm clock’s playing a catchy pop song… snooze or pillow to ears is my response.

Isabel vibrates.

Music resonates with that kid such that humming/singing along is somehow a subconscious, almost required response. All I know is it’s awfully cute.

pretty but…

While pretty, the girls are less than impressed with the late April snowfall.

graffiti art

Some warm weather cleared the canvas for our resident graffiti artist.

headband ~ happens to have ears

For Isabel, an easter bunny headband is simply a functional fashion piece one wears around Easter. It’s not meant to be cute, just something to keep the hair out of your eyes when you color.

tubing, tunes & tailgating

The nine-year old moved the party from the Spirit Mt. tubing hill to the parking lot, for cupcakes and drinks.


Attempting to avoid the screen time cops, Isabel goes undercover.

support group

Lord only knows how many times I’ve taken the “reading to my dog at bedtime” photo… Wonder if there’s a support group, cuz I can’t seem to stop.

backyard bird

The snowless space under our deck is apparently an excellent place to eat… if you’re a Barred Owl at least. We’ve seen him perched here at least a dozen times this winter.


32°F today ~ and at the heels of the second coldest winter on record… warmer it was.

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