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graffiti art

Some warm weather cleared the canvas for our resident graffiti artist.

headband ~ happens to have ears

For Isabel, an easter bunny headband is simply a functional fashion piece one wears around Easter. It’s not meant to be cute, just something to keep the hair out of your eyes when you color.

tubing, tunes & tailgating

The nine-year old moved the party from the Spirit Mt. tubing hill to the parking lot, for cupcakes and drinks.


Attempting to avoid the screen time cops, Isabel goes undercover.

support group

Lord only knows how many times I’ve taken the “reading to my dog at bedtime” photo… Wonder if there’s a support group, cuz I can’t seem to stop.

backyard bird

The snowless space under our deck is apparently an excellent place to eat… if you’re a Barred Owl at least. We’ve seen him perched here at least a dozen times this winter.


32°F today ~ and at the heels of the second coldest winter on record… warmer it was.


Grace had a sleepover last night… with Isabel

in progress

Isabel’s new piano piece is still a work in progress… but already fun.


Another shot from last weekend’s gymnastics meet.

tropical twist

The last meet of the year had a tropical theme… in the not so tropical St. Cloud, Minnesota.




Grace keepin’ the snow on the outside.

red, white & stained blue…

Nikon D3, ISO 800, Nikon 24mm f/1.4, 1/125 sec @ f/2, +⅔EV

The cell lab at the Science Museum was pretty impressive.  Grace choose to learn about red and white blood cells by looking at sheep’s blood under a microscope.
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warm hearts

Warm hearts, but at -16°F, pretty cold for Valentine’s week.

paleontology ~ oh my!

The girls learning about Allosaurus and Camptosaurus, two of the many dinosaurs on display at the Science Museum of Minnesota.

let the games begin!

Hard to believe it’s been 4 years since Vancouver… Here’s Isabel getting the crowd pumped up back in 2010.

Go World!

bedtime tea

Grace was still on her way home from gymnastics when I sent Isabel to bed. Went to check on her and found her cuddled up with a Kindle book, and a cup of tea ~ Made it herself! Growing up waaay to fast she is.

sunny, but…

Sunny, but cold. -18°F at the bus stop this morning.


Scoring second on beam and 6th overall in her age group, Grace was anything but cold in Saturday’s Bemidji meet.

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