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princess Ange”Leia”

Thanks to Luke, Han and Chewie, Angela escaped the Imperial Army just in time for Sci-fi day and East High School’s homecoming week.

BWCA photos

All included in the video, but I really like some of these ~ so posting again ūüôā

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swimming the BWCA

A long paddle, and soggy nights made for adventure, but perfect days, stunning scenery and the near absence of bugs made for lots of BWCA fun.

one week

It been just a week, but Angela’s snuggling right in.

first day

first day of 5th and 7th grade!


First day of school. Grace is stressed, worried and not so smiley. Isabel had her clothes hanging out the night before, bounced out of bed, and was waiting on everyone else to head for the bus stop.


A busy weekend it was… Thursday night Angela, our foreign exchange student from Majorca, Spain¬†arrived.
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festival cup

This past winter Isabel participated in the National Federation of Music Clubs Festival for the third time. ¬†It’s a non-competitive event where musicians perform 2-3 pieces and are¬†evaluated¬†by a number of judges. ¬†Students earning a “superior” rating
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in training.


Grace took one for the team tonight. Mr. I chased a skunk and got sprayed is getting the peroxide, baking soda, dish soap concoction rinsed from his foul fur. Smells like Clarke will be sleeping in the garage tonight, and tomorrow…. and Saturday, and….

over the hill and through the woods

to Grandma’s house we went.

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No camera tricks here ~ hand over hand up, and holds the pike for a good 5-10sec.


Wandered about the Minnesota zoo on Sunday… Saw lions, tigers and Isabel snuggled Poo Bear. ¬†Afterwards we walked over to the Weesner Family Amphitheater and saw the¬†John Butler Trio¬†where we got Tigger’s bounce back.


The big fella is anything but tough, so I figured he just had the doggy sniffles or something. Turns out a tick related fever has him feeling pretty blue ~ woof.


Sparkly and surprisingly difficult to remove… Went to work with a glittery peace sign on my arm ūüėź

photo bomb

Canadian wildfires left an odd haze in the sky behind the girls and Jack’s Beckham worthy catch.


$20 in gas station fireworks = priceless 4th fun with cousin Jack.

piano camp ~ update

It’s the last day of piano camp, and Isabel tells me that they’ll be doing a 5 student piano ensemble. ¬†Sounds fun.

update: ¬†Isabel’s piano teacher Emily thoughtfully placed a link to a video of the¬†ensemble in the comments below. ¬† Also, here’s a link to Emily¬†playing a fun piece called “All of Me” by Jon Schmidt.

beach day

On rare occasions the sun comes out and temperatures creep past 70 degrees on the beaches of lake Superior.


rocks after Dad’s day dinner.



this is big

bigger than big.  The Stanley Dadley Cup!


The girls think the new trampoline lighting system is pretty awesome. The neighbors on the other hand may disagree… it’s 10:00pm, with two bouncing giggly girls still outside.

school’s out!

A week of field trips, movies, and field days rounds out what was an otherwise educational school year.


First the dog, now a supersize teddy bear. At least this one doesn’t shed.

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