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let the games begin!

Hard to believe it’s been 4 years since Vancouver… Here’s Isabel getting the crowd pumped up back in 2010.

Go World!

bedtime tea

Grace was still on her way home from gymnastics when I sent Isabel to bed. Went to check on her and found her cuddled up with a Kindle book, and a cup of tea ~ Made it herself! Growing up waaay to fast she is.

sunny, but…

Sunny, but cold. -18°F at the bus stop this morning.


Scoring second on beam and 6th overall in her age group, Grace was anything but cold in Saturday’s Bemidji meet.


Isabel joined in the birthday party fun.


Joined by some school friends, Grace celebrated her birthday on the backyard hill.

a year in pictures ~ 2013

The annual highlight reel ~ enjoy.

happy birthday Grace!

The New Year’s girl turns 11 in 2014.
~Happy New Year~

legos ~ for girls

After following the 75 page construction book (by herself), Isabel had a little Lego land complete with flowers, kitties, swings and a sun deck.


With Uncle Jeremy’s wolf looking Meeko tied to her sled, Grace was in for a wild ride.

merry christmas


mouse hunt

A house full of Grandparents were on hand for “Mouse Hunt”, Isabel’s winter recital piece.

sled dog

Always last, he’d wait until the all clear was given from below… “Clarke”! At that he’d drop in blasting down the run faster than any sled could carry him.


Three snow days, and over two feet of snow, make for one great backyard sledding run.

rebel yell

A sneak peek from the annual Granddaughters photo book. Should be available for gift giving by December 25th. ;-)

happy birthday

Clarke turns 4 today. He was pretty excited about the squeaky squirrel toy, and his new collar, but was feeling like a four-legged fire hazard in the girls decorations.

Happy Birthday Clarke!

duet duel

With a dozen other piano pairs, it was a duet dual this morning at the MMTA Ensemble Festival

study groupie

Last night the study group reconvened. Still productive, but with a furry follower.


Nikon D3, ISO 2000, Nikon 85mm f/1.4, 1/500sec @ f/1.4

Took lots of photos at last weeks gymnastic meet… can’t seem to find many to share however.  I’ve noticed it before, but the lights in many gyms are some form of fluorescent. No problem other than the color of the light cycles with AC current. As a result,  photos taken a split second apart will have very different colors.
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study group

An oddly productive bedtime study group.

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