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making house boating great again

Just back from 5 days aboard a 54 foot houseboat in Voyageurs National Park. While things on “Our Boat” mostly worked, it looked like a 1970’s costume party, and had some post party GI issues that made us thankful for a breeze. Despite that, sunny weather and warm water more than made up for our smelly party guest.

If house boating were an Olympic sport, our team would be wearing gold!

Go World!




to have a family that lets me travel.

that we only broke a headlight when we hit a deer on the drive out.

to have a friend to share Yellowstone with, year after year.

Lucky I am.

false alarm


footprints in the snow

Isabel’s piano Festival was on Saturday. Thankfully the stomping in the snow softened to gentle footprints and was awarded a “Superior” rating (top honors).  It’s easily my favorite piano piece she’s done. Beautiful work Isabel!

60 second portrait


cold science

a chilly -18°F this morning. Perfect weather for a little cold science…

NYE ~ BDparty

Happy 13th Grace!

another year in pictures


high distinction

Isabel passed her piano exam last weekend with “high distinction”, scoring 90/99. In addition to sight-reading and scales, she prepared three pieces to play, one of which was “The Prowling Pussy Cat”.

Great job Isabel!

kid free

No kids, just me, my photo buddy Sparky, and the wildlife of Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

fast food

ps. Isabel was at a friend’s house.

swimming the BWCA

A long paddle, and soggy nights made for adventure, but perfect days, stunning scenery and the near absence of bugs made for lots of BWCA fun.

festival cup

This past winter Isabel participated in the National Federation of Music Clubs Festival for the third time.  It’s a non-competitive event where musicians perform 2-3 pieces and are evaluated by a number of judges.  Students earning a “superior” rating

cayman clips

Major motion picture fun. Thanks for making it possible Molly, Dennis & Louise!


Lots to celebrate lately.  Just spent a week with the whole family on a tiny tropical paradise snorkeling, sunning and SCUBA diving.  Despite a bit of anxiety, Grace completed her SCUBA certification while we were there.

back layooouuut

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Hope you had a fantastic day Grandma Louise!


I was invited into the gym tonight for a quick demo. Was impressed.

a year in pictures ~ 2014

Happy New Year!

rocky mountain high… Wyoming

Couldn’t resist on the soundtrack… it’s copyrighted so you’ll need the password.  Hint, what’s a pack animal that beings with “Lla”?

cannon ball

Grace bombing mom’s iPhone in slow motion ~ still works.

tuning fork

It’s a school day, your alarm clock’s playing a catchy pop song… snooze or pillow to ears is my response.

Isabel vibrates.

Music resonates with that kid such that humming/singing along is somehow a subconscious, almost required response. All I know is it’s awfully cute.

in progress

Isabel’s new piano piece is still a work in progress… but already fun.

a year in pictures ~ 2013

The annual highlight reel ~ enjoy.

the f/2 Up