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I was invited into the gym tonight for a quick demo. Was impressed.

a year in pictures ~ 2014

Happy New Year!

rocky mountain high… Wyoming

Couldn’t resist on the soundtrack… it’s copyrighted so you’ll need the password. ┬áHint, what’s a pack animal that beings with “Lla”?

cannon ball

Grace bombing mom’s iPhone in slow motion ~ still works.

tuning fork

It’s a school day, your alarm clock’s playing a catchy pop song… snooze or pillow to ears is my response.

Isabel vibrates.

Music resonates with that kid such that humming/singing along is somehow a subconscious, almost required response. All I know is it’s awfully cute.

in progress

Isabel’s new piano piece is still a work in progress… but already fun.

a year in pictures ~ 2013

The annual highlight reel ~ enjoy.

haunted mouse

Isabel’s new piano piece arrives just in time… happy halloween

happy birthday ben

Happy Birthday Ben!!!


ps. Grace was a bit tongue-tied tonight… It took her three takes to get her lines right; the “I got it!” at the end is in celebration :-)


Grace is now a waterskier. With a clever idea I got from a waterski coach’s web post, She made it on I think the third try. The trick is that she didn’t get up, she started up. Basically I’m holding onto the boat end of the rope, Grace has her ski tips on the rear swim platform, and as Mom slowly increases the boat speed, I simply let out line. Done right, she doesn’t even get wet. Fun stuff.

ps. This can only be safely done behind a inboard (MasterCraft/Ski Nautique type boat), where the propeller is well under the rear of the boat.

caroline’s closet ~ 2

Once again, Caroline cleaned out her closet. She happens to be thin like Grace, a bit taller, and according to Grace, “has lots of cool clothes”. What’s even cooler, is that her too small stuff, is just right for Miss Grace.

piano recital

Jeremy & Sibby

Thankfully my brother was kind enough not to ask me to photograph his wedding. While I love taking photos, a wedding photographer I am not. What I did do however was setup an automated photo booth. With the camera on a sturdy tripod, I set a timer to trip the camera and lights every two seconds… For nearly 5 hours. When the dust settled I had over 7000 photos.

The resulting video captures lots friends and family celebrating two wonderful people.

Congratulations Jeremy & Sibby!

ps. it’s way more fun full screen ~ white button in the lower right

a year in pictures ~ 2012

Some of my favorite images from 2012 ~ enjoy :-)

fashion is my kryptonite

We have some wonderful friends who gave us a car load of clothes, which just happen fit miss Grace perfectly. Grace and I sent this as a thank you.

Click the title to view the video :-)

a year in pictures ~ 2011

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