You’ve likely heard it takes 10,000 hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field. Well, I know this welder guy who put his 10,000 hours in like 40 years ago… and he’s still welding.  So if you’re a master after 10,000, what are you after 100,000?


Ya see, I often come up with crazy projects that are a little out of my reach.  This bench being the latest example.  While I have some crude woodworking skills, my only welding skill is knowing who to call for help.  So I called this guy, sent some sketches, measurements and so on…   a few weeks later I had my frame.  Welded in a little garage, with poor equipment by a guy with 100,000 hours of experience.  The result is simply stunning.

When it comes to metal, my dad is simply genius.