winning smile


as a canine, climbing on a sofa is a crime in our house. Isabel however has designated her room a sanctuary city for illegals...  Might have to cut her funding.

happy birthday

Grandma Louise's custom painted birthday gift

Happy Birthday Grandma!


Happy Birthday Isabel!


performance day TBD.

\ sonatina \


Grace qualified for the State Gymnastics Meet again this year. She did well in what may have been her last meet - ever...


bigger bed... or smaller dog.

bigger tub... or smaller dog.


Sending big Birthday wishes to cousin Joe!

Happy Birthday Buddy!

muscle memory

When Grace's floor music cut out just 10 seconds in, it was muscle memory for the next 2 min...  The crowd tried to help by clapping a somewhat unsteady, and likely unhelpful beat that faded.  Sound returned in the final seconds, and amazingly  was in perfect sync with her finale.


happy birthday Angela

sending warmth and love from Minnesnowda.


Gymnastics in the State Fair grounds coliseum today.  Grandma and Grandpa made a surprise appearance making it a gold medal day:-)



Gymnastics season is in full swing... St. Cloud this weekend.

odocoileus virginianus

A small group of Odocoileus virginianus' caught Isabel's attention at breakfast this morning.


Grace got some hair highlight, coloring or something installed... you'll have to ask her.

cook smarts

Lacking homework I attempted to divert Isabel from her phone to the kitchen...  It worked, sort of.  She made soup for dinner, but watched a couple baking shows while doing so.

under construction

Construction work began on Isabel's smile today.  Our contractor suggested work would be complete in early 2019.



season opener in Spring Lake Park.


17° brrrlow this morning.

happy birthday

started her 15th year sharing good food with great friends.

Happy Birthday Grace!


sub-zero again today.

'tis better

to send the card on time.  Hope your Christmas was merry.


putting on some color... in b&w.

christmas camp cake

Christmas Cakies ~ chocolate cake sandwiched between two chocolate chip peppermint pattie center cookies

Santa's Mug Cake ~ Alternating layers of 7 minute frosting and chocolate cake.

Reindeer Food ~ Twix bars, chocolate chip cookies, candy canes all chopped and held together by melted chocolate.

and lottsa SPRINKLES!


new construction

New on the market is this stunning single ginger bread family home. Built with attention to every sprinkle and story book style, Isabel and her friend Claire are sure it won't last long.


Isabel navigating the morning kitchen traffic.