Over 70 inches so far this year...

happy new year

another year in pictures...

gingerbread housing project

Isabel spent the weekend doing some community housing work.

no replacement

Clarke would of been 10 today... While Ozzy's no replacement, I think Clarke would approve.


Duluth East Harvest Ball


An endless snowstorm made for white knuckles, hard miles, and closed roads.  Gusty winds had wildlife hunkered down, and hard to find. Despite the epic weather, Sparky and I managed some fun, a few photos, and lotsa memories.


someone wasn't happy - not sayin' who ;-)

no Coco

but Isabel's catchin' on quick.


I found my shoes!

10 mile

Another stellar weekend with Jibby (Jeremy & Sibby) at the 10 mile cottage.

(Jeremy and Sibby pictured)


Live music from a canoe on the the greatest lake.  Only in Duluth.  Glensheen Pier with 4on the Floor.


Isabel got her smile back today!

black dog

white couch ?


Isabel's been caring for the neighbor's baby butterflies, and ToDaY was the big day.  The video spans 30 min in real time, with the second half sped up 40x.


With the best backpacking buddies you could ask for, we shared 5 days hiking the Olympic coast. As a family trip I think we'd all say it takes the gold, but it required an equally impressive effort to navigate. Heavy packs, soft sand, endless boulder fields and surprisingly scare fresh water made for sore muscles, but the scenery and solitude left all souls smiling and asking for more.  An Olympic level adventure it was.

music: John Butler "Ocean"

happy birthday

Isabel was up late last night...

Happy Birthday to me?

season finale

It's Isabel's season finale of middle school today, and already she looking a bit like her next role... a cute and clever high schooler.


feels like summer ☀️