an unexpected day off work, a few pencil and paper prototypes, and a Home Depot trip left us with a nice napping place.

boy no more

poor guy☹️

prom... sort of

Dresses, dinner, friends and fun, but COVID cancelled the formal dance.

ps. Mattie is his name #friend

unhappy birthday

Isabel got a fever, an upset stomach, and a day on the couch for her birthday. 🤒


stepping out

Stepping out from behind the computer, and into the classroom. In-person learning begins 🙌

road trip

For some much needed adventure, Grace and her friend Madi are headed west.  They overnight in Bismarck, spend 3 days in Bozeman for a campus tour (Montana State), snowshoeing, hiking and hopefully lotsa fun.



distant learning.

happy birthday

11 years ago a little girl turned 7, today she turns 18, and through the magic of photoshop, they're sharing the same table.  I wonder what the kind, disciplined, thoughtful teenager might tell her younger self... Hopefully not much, cuz we love what she's become.

Happy Birthday Grace

happy new year

another year in pictures, but this look back is with an ice cold shoulder.

beach party

New Years ~ Beach party ~ Lake Superior

Said no one ever.  Lucky for us, had the place to ourselves.

ps. it was cloudy, and... I cheated again.

skate the lakes

Skating Hartley pond.

~full disclosure... sky was slate gray, totally cloudy,  so I decided to have a little photoshop fun :-)


once again,  it's hard to tell what Isabel's working on... science or art.

Christmas tree

looks like the girls found something they like in our Charlie Brown tree forest.


Kennedy's response to the Social Dilemma...  Mittens!

it's beginning

it's beginning to look a lot like...


A year ago my photo buddy Sparky and I were in Theodore Roosevelt National Park during a snowstorm that closed roads, and left us stranded in the Dakotas for days. This year, we shared 4 days of warm, sunny skies, with lots of COVID weary visitors.  Wind had the wildlife hunkered down for a couple days but we manage to make a few photos


lots more senior photos to go through, my fav so far...


Isabel helping me work though some ideas for Grace's senior photos.

back to school

not exactly...


Wait...What? Already?  No thank you.


it's a long story...


Isabel workin' at the new Crank and Dasher ice-cream shoppe.