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Isabel will be participating in the National Federation of Music Clubs "festival" tomorrow.  She'll play two pieces of music for a panel of judges, and with a little luck,  she'll earn another "superior" rating.

Good Luck Isabel!


Been working on a website re-fresh, and with Isabel's graphic design help, I also got a new logo!

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footprints in the snow

Isabel's piano Festival was on Saturday. Thankfully the stomping in the snow softened to gentle footprints and was awarded a "Superior" rating (top honors).  It's easily my favorite piano piece she's done.

Beautiful work Isabel!

thank you

Much to be thankful for today... Grandparents that drive half way across the state for Isabel's piano recital.  A piano teacher who takes great pride in her students, and a smart kid who makes learning piano look easy.

Thank You!

and great job Isabel ~ ribbon/certificate was for earning top honors on the Minnesota Music Teachers Assoc. piano exam.

high distinction

Isabel passed her piano exam last weekend with "high distinction",  scoring 90/99. In addition to sight-reading and scales, she prepared three pieces to play, one of which was "The Prowling Pussy Cat".

Great job Isabel!

in progress

Isabel's new piano piece is still a work in progress... but already fun.

duet duel

With a dozen other piano pairs, it was a duet dual this morning at the MMTA Ensemble Festival.