black dog

white couch ?


feels like summer ☀️

bus stop blues

Cold , grey and a few snowflakes for April's end.


Nearly everyone loves Ozzy. He's just 9 weeks old, but for a puppy seems a nice balance of snuggle and spunk.  On the other hand, Samson just wants his bed back.

alberta clipper

or in this case, an Isabel Clipper


Isabel's feeling cheated.  Had the 12" dump of snow been a week later, it'd be a get outta school snow day.

online shopper

Grandma and Grandpa left some money under the tree that's burnin' a hole in Isabel's pocket.


from above...


are real...

Just ask Petrina.  ;-)


Grace and Isabel are teaming up for a summer sitting job.  Sophie spends a few morning a week with Isabel until Grace gets home from  rowing (Duluth Rowing Club) at o'clock. Today Isabel and Sophie melted plastic beads in muffin tins forming colorful discs. From the looks of it, should be a fun-filled summer for these two :-)


record high

88°F for May 16th was a new record. Planned dinner on the deck, but by the time the grill was hot, a chilly 45°F wind chased us inside.


as a canine, climbing on a sofa is a crime in our house. Isabel however has designated her room a sanctuary city for illegals...  Might have to cut her funding.


bigger bed... or smaller dog.