distant learning.

skate the lakes

Skating Hartley pond.

~full disclosure... sky was slate gray, totally cloudy,  so I decided to have a little photoshop fun :-)


once again,  it's hard to tell what Isabel's working on... science or art.


Kennedy's response to the Social Dilemma...  Mittens!

back to school

not exactly...


Wait...What? Already?  No thank you.


it's a long story...


Isabel workin' at the new Crank and Dasher ice-cream shoppe.

10 mile

4 days, 10 Mile Lake, 10 Marshiks, 3 Frenskos and 1 photo to sum it up.

Crazy Fun!

Thanks Everyone!

I meant what I said

"When I said boys are cancelled this summer, I MEANT WHAT I SAID."

cross fitter

Grace gettin' fit

math or art

“Isabel, is the math or art homework?”...  yes


yep, he's big.

drivers ed

learning to drive under COVID.

upside down

the world is...

Grace working on her Yoda skills ;-)


Distant, but timely learning..


Isabel turns 15 today.  We had a cinnamon roll, sausage, scrambled, buttery breakfast potato breakfast. She opened gifts, and we have a white napkin Italian dinner planned.  Lots to be happy about, but when you're 15, and COVID is snowing on your party (snowed 6" last night), it feels more like this...

Happy Birthday Isabel

now go wash your hands ;-)


Chilly today, but the spring sun and furry friends seem to shorten the distance to other important things.


Crossfit, yoga, running, fit girl training, and that's just last week.


smart lights. smarter kid.

bridge building

It has to span 21 inches, weigh no more than 3 oz. and be made exclusively of toothpicks and glue. Last year the winning design held 153 lbs.


Isabel wanted a different bed...  I gave her some graph paper, a tape measure and told her to show me what she wanted.  Today she put blade to wood (she really did make most of the cuts) and with a couple more Saturdays of work, she'll have a a custom bed of her own design.  While not really an upgrade from THIS, I'm sure the dogs are gonna love this one.