happy birthday

11 years ago a little girl turned 7, today she turns 18, and through the magic of photoshop, they're sharing the same table.  I wonder what the kind, disciplined, thoughtful teenager might tell her younger self... Hopefully not much, cuz we love what she's become.

Happy Birthday Grace

beach party

New Years ~ Beach party ~ Lake Superior

Said no one ever.  Lucky for us, had the place to ourselves.

ps. it was cloudy, and... I cheated again.

skate the lakes

Skating Hartley pond.

~full disclosure... sky was slate gray, totally cloudy,  so I decided to have a little photoshop fun :-)

it's beginning

it's beginning to look a lot like...


Grace on the left, Isabel the right.

'tis better

to send the card on time.  Hope your Christmas was merry.

may the 4th be with you

Happy Star Wars day Angela!


Spent the day in St. Paul at Concordia for the Winter Challenge Gymnastics meet. The challenge here however is figuring which one is Grace....

trick question - they're all Grace




Meh, was Isabel's response to my Christmas card effort.  Sort of agree...

double up

Grace had a teammate in the boat tonight.


Photoshopped for sure, but this looks like how it feels when he showers you with 40 deg Lake Superior water.

ps ~ concept credit goes to my niece, Lydia.

another dud

This was the first concept. The scale of things didn't work out the way I wanted and the dogs were a nightmare to get sitting by the fire.

I've got another idea in the works - fingers crossed.

b roll

The Christmas card remains a work in progress... While it may  turn into a New Years card, I though I'd share one that didn't make the cut.


I've taken this photo before, but when the girls  brought home a Chihuahua for a weekend of dog sitting, I felt a re-run was in order. For safety's sake, I photoshopped in the wee one as we worried Samson might step on "Pepper"   :-|


Trying to stay strong while her back recovers from minor gymnastics injury.

despicable me

Homecoming week continues with movie character day.

princess Ange"Leia"

Thanks to Luke, Han and Chewie, Angela escaped the Imperial Army just in time for Sci-fi day and East High School's homecoming week.

beach day

On rare occasions the sun comes out and temperatures creep past 70 degrees on the beaches of lake Superior.

ps. a retro Photoshop filter salvaged the otherwise washed out color of this one.


or maybe just an impressive 6th grade band.


The "ps. ;-)" in my previous post may have been a bit to subtle... Heres the real deal that should remove my name from the child protection officers list.



way easier

Been working on this for weeks... When I realized that a counterweight would make pulling the front wheel up  way easier.  The bags of dog food in the back helped a little, the steel barbell was better but kept falling off. Then Isabel showed up.  With her back there the big bike wheelie is a snap.

ps.  ;-)

handstand shenanigans

Grace demos the new and improved gymnastic bar.  The metal brackets to the old one were actually torn in half in some particularly windy weather.

"shenanigans" = secret or dishonest pixel maneuvering or manipulation.

pretty but...

While pretty, the girls are less than impressed with the late April snowfall.


Grace had a sleepover last night... with Isabel

tropical twist

The last meet of the year had a tropical theme... in the not so tropical St. Cloud, Minnesota.