Christmas tree

looks like the girls found something they like in our Charlie Brown tree forest.


lots more senior photos to go through, my fav so far...


Isabel helping me work though some ideas for Grace's senior photos.


I've been looking forward to this trip for a really, really long time, like years, even decades.  There've been lots of training trips over the years, but today is the BIG day.  Grace is going to the BWCA with her friends...

and I'm staying home...

It's gonna be the best trip of my life.




Beach day with cousin Brook.

moms day

spent it sharing lots of laughs, good food and a chilly walk in the woods.

Happy Mother's Day!


Over 70 inches so far this year...


Duluth East Harvest Ball


Live music from a canoe on the the greatest lake.  Only in Duluth.  Glensheen Pier with 4on the Floor.


Isabel got her smile back today!

season finale

It's Isabel's season finale of middle school today, and already she looking a bit like her next role... a cute and clever high schooler.


umm.... WoW.


It's official, there's another driver the family.

Congratulations Grace!

ps.  no photoshop cheats on this one.  Flash on the dash to light her face, and in camera motion blur.


in training.


Heard something about pink hair the other day... Thought she was joking.


it's a word, and apparently cool again.

camp cake

Camp Cake 2018  was a sweet success, but it took several pounds of butter, a bucket of sugar, and two pretty long days in the kitchen.

nos despedimos

It's been two years, but the day she arrived it was like she never left. She's different but the same.  Hums constantly, smiles often, and drapes an arm around Isabel like a sister.  She likes my cooking (as long as it chicken) and just can't get enough macaroni and cheese.  Sadly, she leaves tomorrow, but were already talking about the Marshiks in Mallorca.

Until we meet again

Han pasado dos años, pero el día que llegó fue como si nunca se hubiera ido. Ella es diferente pero igual. Chilla constantemente, sonríe a menudo y rodea a Isabel con un brazo como una hermana. A ella le gusta mi cocina (siempre que sea pollo) y simplemente no puede obtener suficientes macarrones con queso. Lamentablemente, ella se va mañana, pero ya estaban hablando de los Marshiks en Mallorca.

Hasta que nos volvamos a encontrar ♥


Isabel spend last week at YMCA Camp Olson sailing with first mate Brooke.  She came home using words like rig, tact, even claims she can tie a bowline.  Haven't seen the knot yet, but I have seen lots of smiles - seems they had lotsa fun.

dad's day

For dad's day Isabel mixed crumbled chocolate cake with frosting, chilled it on a stick then dunked it in chocolate.  Yum!


Everyone remembers their first car.... Especially when it's a gift from your Grandparents, and if you're the luckiest kid in the 218 area code, it's also a Mercedes-Benz!!!  Grandma and Grandpa downsized to one car and gifted Grace their spotless 1999 Mercedes-Benz SUV.  It's blue, all wheel drive, built like a tank, has airbags, solid crash test ratings and old enough that insurance shouldn't be too bad.  Essentially, the perfect car for a teen driver.

Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa, Grace's first car is really something special.

public service

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT:  This person was mistakenly issued a drivers permit on May 29, 2018 . If you know her name or whereabouts, please alert local authorities as she represents a risk to area drivers. Until this person is located, non essential travel in and around the Duluth area is not recommended . ;-)