The Honors Banquet is for the students. A night to recognize their hard work, dedication and academic excellence.  A night of awards, scholarships and applause... but somehow it's me that's going home with the grand prize.  I'm the one with a daughter that makes me so proud my eyes water.  I'm the one who will remember tonight for all nights.

Congratulations Isabel 🥹

senior photos

Wind, seagull filled skies and a poison ivy patch threatened to ruin Isabel's senior photo shoot.  Thankfully the weather turned, the seagulls scattered and a rubbing alcohol bath kept me itch free.


Tommy is his name... Seems a well mannered young lad.

happy birthday

17 is a bit awkward so far... Dad's got COVID, Mom's gone, helping out in Motley, Grace is in Switzerland and Isabel started her birthday with the 4 hour ACT test.  Despite the rough start, her friends help her rally with a deli lunch, fancy Italian dinner, flowers and lots of laughs around an ice cream cake in the kitchen.  🥳

Happy Birthday Isabel!

ps. That’s her friend Rachel in the window.


back to old school school 🎉

smile's back

Grace got her wisdom teeth out last week and recovery was a little rough.  Smiles were few and far between for a few days, but thankfully, it's looking like her smile will make a full recovery. ?


let the Adventure begin...

honors night

never smiled as deep, proud

shiver to think of setting you free

but there you are, agleam in a crowd

Oh the things you'll see?


prom... sort of

Dresses, dinner, friends and fun, but COVID cancelled the formal dance.

ps. Mattie is his name #friend

Christmas tree

looks like the girls found something they like in our Charlie Brown tree forest.


lots more senior photos to go through, my fav so far...


Isabel helping me work though some ideas for Grace's senior photos.


I've been looking forward to this trip for a really, really long time, like years, even decades.  There've been lots of training trips over the years, but today is the BIG day.  Grace is going to the BWCA with her friends...

and I'm staying home...

It's gonna be the best trip of my life.




Beach day with cousin Brook.

moms day

spent it sharing lots of laughs, good food and a chilly walk in the woods.

Happy Mother's Day!


Over 70 inches so far this year...


Duluth East Harvest Ball


Live music from a canoe on the the greatest lake.  Only in Duluth.  Glensheen Pier with 4on the Floor.


Isabel got her smile back today!

season finale

It's Isabel's season finale of middle school today, and already she looking a bit like her next role... a cute and clever high schooler.


umm.... WoW.


It's official, there's another driver the family.

Congratulations Grace!

ps.  no photoshop cheats on this one.  Flash on the dash to light her face, and in camera motion blur.