rock bass

I often see rock bass staring motionless into a weed-bed, it’s an ackward pose and makes for poor pictures, but I generally give it a go anyway. In this case I was hovering maybe 18″ away when I noticed a crayfish hiding in the weeds. I backed off a bit and settled quietly on the bottom to see what would happen. He finally crawled out and for several seconds both were motionless in plain sight. Suddenly the crayfish made run for it, but either the bass had more than he could swallow or the crayfish landed a well placed pincer.

dateSeptember 23, 2021locationLake Ore-be-gone, Gilbert, MinnesotagearSony A7c, 28-60 f/4-5.6 + Nauticam WWL-1B, 1/160 sec. @ f/7.1, ISO 100, Inon Z-330 strobe

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