smallmouth bass

My last few dives have been a bit like swimming around with a sheet over your head. Seriously, between rain, and wind the visibility has been 2 to maybe 5 feet. On one dive I managed to wrap my dive flag line around my ankle, stirred the bottom a bit untangling myself and literally swam head first into the bottom of the lake! Almost didn’t go today, assumed last nights rain made matters worse. SO glad I did. Decent viz, lotsa fish and for a brief moment, saw a loon!

dateJune 21, 2022locationLake Ore-be-Gone, Gilbert, MNgearSony A7c, 28-60mm f/4-5.6 + Nauticam WWL-1B, 1/160 sec. @ f/13, ISO 250, Inon Z-330 strobes

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