trumpeter swan

Maiden voyage of my new and improved floating blind. My initial design remains the first video search result for “floating blind”. It was heavy, hard to transport and is now rotted and relegated to the landfill.

The new design was inspired/stolen from Mr. Jan Gear, a wildlife photo gear company based in the Czech Republic. When I contacted them, they offered to ship me tents from their now discontinued Ver. 1 blind for FREE!!! While I can sew, it’s crude, occasionally functional, and sewing a tent would take me weeks. I sourced floats online, fabricated the frame from aluminum and treated plywood. The camera is almost scary low but makes for stunning foregrounds.

Now I just just need to keep my waders from flooding 😂

dateApril 22, 2021locationDouglas County, WisconsingearNikon Z6, 600mm, 1/1000 sec. @ f/4, ISO 400, two image pano.

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